A1:購買樂翻劵 (NT$200) →與商家聯繫預約參觀時間→參觀時出示樂翻券,確認下訂時,享受商家提供的優惠折扣辦法→洽談→簽約→下訂後,登入官網『會員中心』上傳訂單給樂翻婚禮購物→經審核通過後在 “我的樂幣”帳戶中獲得訂單金額的 2%樂幣回饋,繼續消費享優惠。(上傳七天後入樂幣帳戶)。











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Q: How to use Lovefans Coupon?

A : Look for the coupon of your favorite shops→ Buy their Lovefans coupons (NT$200) → Make a reservation for a visit with the shop you choose → Show your coupon when visiting (customers can get NT$500 discount with coupon) →Discuss the details →Sign the contract →Mail the order to our customer service email address: hello@lovefans.wedding →Get 2% of Love Bonus Points as feedback (will be transferred into your Lovefans account 7 days later)


Q: If I buy many coupons from different shops but eventually I only ordered one of them, do I get a discount only in one shop?

A: Unused coupons can be mailed to customer service email address: hello@lovefans.wedding . We will transfer the unused coupons into Love Bonus Points into your account in order to continue your usage. NT$200 Lovefans coupon = 20000 Love Bonus Points.


Q: Is there a deadline for Lovefans Coupon? If it’s close to the deadline and I’m tied up, can I return the coupon?

A: The coupon can hold good for one year. There is a 7-day trial period.



Q: If I spend more in the same shop afterwards, can I buy Lovefans Coupon and get Love Bonus Points?

A: No. Lovefans Coupons can only be used during the first visit in the real shops.